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Our Quality

The Doctors

Our doctors are board certified by the American College of Radiology and have completed additional advanced training in orthopedics, brain and spine, and coronary artery imaging.

Latest Technology

Our radiology equipment include the most reputable in the industry today including: Philips, Siemens, GE, and others.

The Awards

Hospital awarded Quest Award in 2016

Participation in National Registries

These insure the highest quality and accountability for our studies. These include: dose index registry, lung cancer screening registry, and national mammography database. We also are participants in RADPEER, Image Wisely, and Image Gently programs.

Image Wisely

We wish to optimize the use of radiation in imaging patients and thereby pledge: 

  1. To put our patients’ safety, health, and welfare first by optimizing imaging examinations to use only the radiation necessary to produce diagnostic-quality images;
  2. To convey the principles of the Image Wisely program to the imaging team in order to ensure that our facility optimizes its use of radiation when imaging patients;
  3. To communicate optimal patient imaging strategies to referring physicians, and to be available for consultation;
  4. To routinely review imaging protocols to ensure that the least radiation necessary to acquire a diagnostic-quality image is used for each examination.
  5. To monitor examination radiation dose indices to enable comparison to established diagnostic reference levels.

Image Gently

Recognizing that every member of the healthcare team plays a vital role in caring for the patient and wants to provide the best care, we pledge:

  • to make the image gently message a priority in staff communications this year
  • to review the protocol recommendations and, where necessary, implement adjustments to our processes
  • to respect and listen to suggestions from every member of the imaging team on ways to ensure changes are made
  • to communicate openly with parents